Our Story

Voyager Worldwide is a leading maritime technology company. We provide navigation and maritime information solutions for shipping and adjacent industries.

Voyager Worldwide is the new name for Cornes Charts, Global Navigation Solutions and Safe Navigation. Together we are on an eternal voyage to help create a safer and more efficient maritime industry.

Who we are

Our Voyager solutions give vessels, ship operations and management a clear view of what’s happening in today’s complex maritime environment enabling issues to be identified and fixed faster, fleet performance to be improved and compliance risks to be reduced.

We’re trusted worldwide to deliver robust navigation and ship management services and solutions which to date are used by over 11000 vessels and have saved our customers many thousands of dollars in increased productivity, efficiency and purchasing savings.

Our values

The companies in the Voyager Worldwide Group have been serving the world’s shipping industry for more than 2 centuries. We are defined not only by our leaders, products, technologies and service, but also by our values that ensure that we deliver the best possible service to our customers across the shipping industry worldwide.

Quality and service

We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that together deliver premium value to our customers.


We pursue ideas that have the potential to change our company, our industry — and maybe even the world.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions.

Customer focus

We take pride in our customers’ success and work together across boundaries to meet the needs of our customers.


We are a truly international company. We value our people from every background, encourage their development and reward their performance.


We are good citizens in the communities where we live and work.


We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace in every aspect of our business.


We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

Real time insights for the modern shipping company

We take great pride in collecting, processing and storing large amounts of data for maritime professionals. We collate huge amounts of data points from multiple sources and link them together to provide a more detailed and insightful view of the world fleet. We process large amounts of data to maintain one of the world's largest databases of fleet movements and navigation requirements.

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Voyager Worldwide data in numbers




data points

2.4 million

updates every day

Maritime innovation

Fuelled by some of the brightest and most experienced minds in maritime technology, we are focused on helping to make shipping both safer and more efficient, becoming a leading global shipping technology partner; enabling and encouraging innovation across every area of our business. 

Our ecosystem

We have a powerful backend infrastructure to manage, maintain and share our data with the world's maritime industry. Our Voyager Ecosystem connects the ship’s bridge and the shore-based team and is our overall product and systems infrastructure. Our onboard software, Voyager PLANNING STATION, runs on the back of bridge PC on every vessel. Onshore, are the ship managers, owners and other stakeholders use our web-based Voyager FLEET INSIGHT application.

Joining all of this together is our Voyager CLOUD which is where all of our data is securely located. This means that all of the users on and off shore are looking at the same data and are always up to date.

Voyager CLOUD

Secure access to data.
24/7 anytime, anywhere in the world


Online fleet tracking, navigation and cost management, situational awareness and operations support.


Back of bridge software providing simple navigation management for ordering navigation supplies, inventory management, route planning, updating and compliance within a single application.


Bridges the gap between the ECDIS and an internet-enabled computer, to make transferring ENCs ond permits to the ECDIS easier.

Voyager PLANNING STATION Passage Plan

Simplifies the creation of safe, compliant and accurate documentation including route validation, and auto-filling of ENC, ADP, AENP, T&P. NavArea Warnings. UKC calculations for each waypoint.


Touchscreen i7 processor In conjunction with partner SEALL


Whether you're an experienced professional or fresh out of college, Voyager Worldwide is a company where you can develop your expertise, use your knowledge to the fullest extent or re-invent yourself while supporting safety of life at sea worldwide.

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