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October 31, 2022

Voyager Product Announcements, Voyager News

New IP address for VPS users

Follow this guidance to resolve the issue

New IP address for VPS users

Following updates to our systems over the weekend, your IT Department may need to make a change to the Voyager Planning Station web server IP address or Domain to enable updates as follows:

Whitelist  replaced with

Whitelist  replaced with

Whitelist voyager.voyagerww.com 

Whitelist voyager.gnsworldwide.com 

Whitelist ftp.voyagerww.com 

Whitelist ftp.gnsworldwide.com 

Allow Port: 80, for downloading updates 

Allow Ports: 21 & 20 for uploading sync updates 

Allow Ports: 1098 – 1298 for uploading sync updates 

Should you xperience any issues please contact us as customerservices@voyagerww.com for technical support and we will be pleased to assist.