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November 21, 2019

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GNS has been awarded the Cloud Innovation 2019 award for Technology Excellence Initiative Award For Maritime by DataccioConnect

Excited to announce that we have been voted the winner of the DataccioConnect 2019 award for Cloud Innovation.
Collecting the award at the event held in Singapore, our Regional Manager, Bireshwar Kumar said:
“We’re extremely thankful for receiving this award. The award recognises how our Voyager FLEET INSIGHT (VFI) platform delivers measurable benefits to our customers by providing new levels of maritime insight to help manage their fleet operations in this fast-changing industry.
Our software helps maritime organisations manage navigation and other aspects of their business more efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively though the use of maritime software and data analytics. Giving our customers time back by creating a simple intuitive platform that provides complete transparency.”
More about our Voyager FLEET INSIGHT
GNS customers benefit from access to cloud based VFI service which provides a detailed view of the navigational activities and compliance records of your vessels over a rolling 3-year period.
VFI is your window into the bridge. Use it to track vessels and monitor digital product usage and spot overspending and potential navigation compliance issues. It also includes purchasing management, compliance and inventory management and account information.
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Transparent Compliance Management
Managers tell us they are finding it difficult to keep track of and maintain compliance because, these days, vessels in the same fleets are increasingly sailing under different Flags with different requirements, the people managing navigation don’t always have a marine background so aren’t always clear about which regulations apply to which vessels and other solutions don’t clearly specify regulatory requirements at a sufficient level of detail. VFI’s Technical library compliance management module shows you, at a glance, exactly what’s needed for navigational compliance by vessel and Flag, which publications vessels have onboard and where you may be exposed. Information is provided based on Flag, Class, trading areas (e.g. US CFRs) and SIRE requirements so you won’t ever need to get caught out again.
Overspend Analysis
Our data shows that most fleets are still spending significant amounts buying ENCs that vessels never actually use. VFI’s Usage analysis module enables shore-based stakeholders to identify digital product overspend across a fleet and enables you to proactively reduce the number of products you buy.
KPI Reporting
The KPI module provides a graphical view of a growing range of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Initially these relate to digital spend, usage of digital charts and publications purchased and sailing statistics – distances travelled and percentage time spent sailing.
More Accurate Cost Management
Often there seems to be increasing pressure on management teams to produce more accurate cost forecasts but equally often they don’t have the data available on which to base more accurate estimates. VFI also offers you the opportunity to get an edge by using historic trading information, sea hours and port call data to tailor operational cost estimates to vessels’ actual trading patterns, assess actual spend against budget and more accurately plan maintenance schedules.
VFI’s wall board tool provides continuous display of live vessel positions on large screen for use in Operations centres and reception areas. Vessel positions are updated every 15 minutes to show latest position.
Port State Control Compliance
Today, ship managers often can’t easily monitor how well they are doing on compliance KPIs because they don’t have access to data or, if they do, existing solutions like Equasis are time consuming to use (accessed on a per vessel rather than fleet basis). VFI includes PSC reports going back 3 years so you can easily see how vessels are performing in terms of Port State Control inspections to make compliance KPI measurement and monitoring easier.
Easier Administration
VFI saves time simply by having important information about vessels from IMO numbers to Class and Flag information and even ownership history at your fingertips. Purchase requisitions can be more accurately checked by displaying products geographically on a map before approving or editing orders. Orders, invoices and delivery notes can be accessed and downloaded at any time.

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