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July 16, 2019

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GNS launches Voyager GLOBAL FLEET to provide data to enhance business performance

New service will put a rich, continuously updated data resource at the fingertips of ship suppliers, shipping companies, shippers and charterers.

16 July 19, UK. GNS, the maritime technology company, launched Voyager GLOBAL FLEET, a fully searchable global database of over 120,000 vessels, shipowners, operators and managers. The new service will enable a wide range of users across the maritime industry – from ship suppliers to brokers, agents and charterers to more easily access the data they need to enhance their business performance.

Established operators or start-ups entering the industry can use the service to target new business opportunities effectively, offer more personalised, higher value services in the market or manage commercial and operational risks.

Voyager GLOBAL FLEET builds on GNS’s Voyager FLEET INSIGHT platform through which it already offers fleet-specific data analytics to its shipping company customers. The new service opens up the full power of GNS’s rich global data resources including vessel characteristics, ownership and management, trading history, sailing hours, port calls, PSC inspections, and hourly AIS position and destinations dating back to 2015 – all via one easy-to-use web interface.

“Until now, it has been hard for ship suppliers to get access to the data needed to effectively target their sales and marketing activities and it’s also been difficult to optimise service, maintenance and support resources to meet customer needs, said GNS CEO Paul Stanley. “Our new Voyager GLOBAL FLEET service changes that by providing every maritime organisation with the opportunity to use data to drive new growth and efficiencies and unlock new insights.”

Using Voyager GLOBAL FLEET, users will be able to quickly and easily filter and search the global fleet of IMO-registered vessels using over 100 different search criteria, view results both in data tables and spatially on a map, generate their own customised reports and export the data into Excel at a single click for further analysis.

Importantly, Voyager GLOBAL FLEET also enables organisations to add their own proprietary datasets for private and exclusive use to enhance customer knowledge, improve sales targeting and enhance after sales service and support. For example, equipment manufacturers may wish to add in their own lists of vessels, equipment purchased, installation dates and service histories to use in conjunction with Voyager GLOBAL FLEET’s sea hours and port call data to identify the optimum time for equipment maintenance and service.

GNS has already developed a range of use cases for the new Voyager GLOBAL FLEET service, including:

  • Ship suppliers offering services in specific ports can now identify and target vessels based on their AIS location and ETA.
  • Hardware suppliers with finite service resources can identify when equipment will need servicing based on nautical miles sailed and time service calls when the vessel is in the more cost-effective service location.
  • Companies looking for new customers can identify which shipping companies are most likely to buy their products or services using over 100 different search criteria and use that data to focus their sales and marketing efforts and improve conversion rates.
  • Companies specialising in managing compliance-related products and services can now link those products and services to vessel characteristics like Flag and Class to offer tailored solutions.
  • Shipmanagers and suppliers can use vessel trading and port call histories to provide more accurate proposals and/or more accurately predict cost of supply.
  • Shipmanagement companies can view trading and compliance histories of new vessels they are taking on in order to identify and quickly address any issues.
  • Charterers and shippers can more easily identify vessels that match their requirements by type, by location and even ETA at a specific port.
  • Charterers can also view vessel trading and inspection histories to help make better-informed chartering decisions.

To find out more and schedule a demo of Voyager GLOBAL FLEET contact hayley.vanleeuwen@gnsworldwide.com

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