Out Now! Ship Vetting and its Application to LNG

This publication describes the vetting of LNG carriers, incorporating the use of the SIRE 2.0 programme as a risk assessment tool.

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    This publication provides an overview of LNG shipping business with recommendations on the technical aspects of LNG ships relevant to the vetting and clearance process.

    This third edition outlines the history of LNG shipping and provides an overview of the various types of engines, propulsion systems, gas management and cargo containment systems currently in use within the industry. It details the ship/shore compatibility process for LNG ship/shore and ship to ship cargo transfer operations.

    The book sets out relevant sections of the SIRE 2.0 CVIQ and suggests practices and processes for taking advantage of new opportunities for assessment derived from the introduction of the SIRE 2.0 inspection regime. It describes changes introduced by the SIRE 2.0 programme to assist stakeholders understand the impact on their vetting processes.

    Finally, the book introduces the concepts of continuous improvement, resilience and the human element and considers their impact on the vetting of LNG ships.

    Title:             Ship Vetting and its Application to LNG
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