Make compliance easier with data and automation

Voyager was built to meet the strictest of navigation compliance standards. Over 1100 shipping companies of all sizes trust us to keep them compliant and adaptable to the ever-changing regulations.

The many different regulatory factors at play in today's maritime environment have made it easy to make mistakes and miss key requirements.
Data and automation change that.

Ship management

Reduce PSC and vetting compliance issues

Track SOLAS and vetting navigation compliance requirements for every vessel and reduce risks pinpoint gaps in navigation holdings on individual vessels

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Identify inspection hotspots
and prepare for inspection focus areas

View inspection data by vessel and by port. Know the ports where your vessels are most likely to be inspected and where inspectors are focusing so you can make sure that your vessels are fully prepared ahead of arrival.

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Guide and optimise your purchasing with the right metrics

Know exactly the navigation products each vessel needs for safe and compliant navigation. Buy more efficiently with just in time digital delivery onboard.

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Uncover and address bridge management issues

Spot trends and weaknesses in compliance performance and address them quickly and efficiently.

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Know that every vessel is up to date

With Voyager, you will always know whether the vessels in your fleet have updated their ECDIS and have to date ENCS, paper charts and publications on board.

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Vessel navigation

Always have the latest information onboard

ENC, publication updates and NtMs are automatically downloaded every week to prevent compliance issues.

Automatically identify exactly the navigational products for safe and compliant navigation

View Voyager PLANNING STATION product recommendations on the map or in a list, add or remove items and order those required to make navigational compliance simpler and easier.

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Enhance safety and streamline ECDIS validation

Digital safety checks automatically compare the navigational data between waypoints with the vessel’s draught, height and other specifications.

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Faster, easier passage plan documentation

Use digital technology to automatically log the ENC cells, ADP, AENP, T&P, NavArea Warnings, UKC calculations and MARPOL information for each waypoint.

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Comply with IMO Resolution (MSC.428(98))

Voyager Worldwide has implemented a number of security measures to help protect vessels from cyber threats. We have also prepared instructions that may help mitigate security risks. You can read more about these provisions in this document.


Compliance management resources

4 Blindspots of Navigation

Discover the 4 key areas where shipping companies are able to capitalise on digital navigation and shows you how to get more from your investment.

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More than 1100 companies like yours rely on Voyager every day to help them improve safety and compliance, work more efficiently and drive increasingly valuable operational insights.

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