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Voyager Fleet Insight transform your fleet operations with data-led solutions that enhance the way you manage navigation compliance and costs online.

Improve decision making 
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Improve productivity 
Lower costs

Which package is right for you?

We offer a choice of services from free services to help Marine Managers manage navigational purchasing and compliance more efficiently. Explore the possibilities with our Voyager Fleet Insight packages.

Voyager Fleet Insight Basic

VFI Basic provides a core sets of tools for managing navigation purchasing and compliance.


  • Vessel tracking
  • Subscription management
  • Compliance management
  • Technical library management
  • Route and catalogue based ordering
  • PSC inspections
  • Office technical library

Voyager Fleet Insight Essential

VFI Essential provides a unique combination of vessel software, online analytics and cost price navigation supplies.


  • All VFI Basic features
  • Premium vessel tracking (live and historic data)
  • Bespoke customer defined library management
  • Onboard ENC/ECDIS status*
  • Port call history
  • KPI reporting
  • Reports
  • Wallboard

Voyager Fleet Insight Professional

VFI Professional includes vessel tracking, improves operational oversight and enhanced vessel safety.


  • All VFI Basic and VFI Essential features
  • CMAP charts
  • Adjacent fleet positions
  • Maritime weather
  • Maritime security
  • MARPOL management
  • Territorial waters
  • Alerts
How can I get a free trial for VFI?

We offer free 30-day trials to VFI. Simply provide your details here in order to be set up.

How frequently is VFI data updated?

Premium tracking positions are update either every 10 minutes (premium tracking) with around a 2 minute delay.

Basic tracking is updated every hour with a 40-45 minute delay.

Service and inventory information is updated every night.

Order management is real time.

Vessel details and ownership etc weekly and is based on information held by IMO.

Weather updates every 6 hours, with the 3 day horizon from there.

CMAP charts are update monthly.

AVCS Online is updated weekly in line with the weekly NtM cycle.

Is the vessel draught information in VFI current or maximum?

It is maximum. It comes from the vessel data from IMO so it is not dynamic and does not relate to current voyage, but to the fixed dimensions of the vessel.

How far back does the Risk Intelligence maritime security information go in VFI?

The historic data goes back 1 month. The service is updated in real time as new incidents occur globally.

Can I use VFI information in other systems?

Yes. The VFI Reports module enables you to organise your maritime data in the way that works for you using 150+ data fields. Export reports as PDF or excel for further analysis.

Can I pay for VFI monthly?

Yes. We offer monthly and annual payment options on all our services.

Can I upgrade at any time / add other products and services?

Yes, you can add to your VFI subscription at any time simply by contacting our Customer services team.

How do I get access VFI GO on my phone?

VFI Go is available free of charge to all VFI users. To get access to VFI Go, simply click and enter your usual VFI login details.

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