Make end-to-end passage planning simple, cost-effective and more efficient

Eliminate hours of administrative workload, cut paperwork and improve day to day operations onboard.

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Features and benefits

Which package is right for you?

We offer a choice of services to help the onboard team manage navigational purchasing and compliance and navigation more efficiently. Explore the possibilities with our Voyager PLANNING STATION packages.

Voyager Planning Station Basic


  • Product catalogue and ordering
  • Route planning
  • Route based ordering
  • Inventory management

Voyager Planning Station Essential


  • All VPS Basic features
  • ADP & eNP updating
  • AVCS & AIO updating
  • Navarea warnings
  • ENC viewer

Voyager Planning Station Professional


  • All VPS Basic and VPS Essential features
  • Port to port routeing
  • Route validation
  • Passage plan documentation
  • MARPOL management
  • Navarea warnings
Why do I need Voyager Passage Plan?

The Passage Plan module in Voyager uses digital technology to reduce the paperwork and administration relating to planning upcoming voyages. The tool simplifies and enhances the task of creating safe, compliant and accurate passage plan documentation. The benefit of this approach is that it does all of the boring, manually intensive work but leaves the navigator to prepare the rest of the plan in accordance with your own company bridge procedures and standard document formats.

Which pricing package is the Voyager Passage Plan included in?

Voyager Passage Plan module is included in the Voyager PLANNING STATION Premium package. This package also includes a free ship management tool called VFI Essentials, which helps manage navigation compliance and costs online. Alternatively, you can also contact our customer service team to discuss a more bespoke ship and shore package to meet your requirements.

What is the benefit of doing Route Validation back of bridge?

Validating routes in Voyager PLANNING STATION before transferring them to ECDIS enables issues to be addressed earlier in the planning process, reduces the risk of the ECDIS route validation failing and streamlines the route and passage planning process prior to the start of a voyage.

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