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July 31, 2018

Voyager News

GNS extend Voyager HUB to include the eData chart and publication updating service

GNS today announced that Voyager HUB now also includes eData, the very simple to use chart updating service.

As well as updates to British Admiralty paper charts and publications, the eData solution also provides NtMs for 18 other countries worldwide – from Argentina to Vietnam and is available in a choice of languages including Russian and Chinese making it an ideal choice for those vessels with international crews and / or using local paper charts. The solution also provides ENC and digital publication updates and is in use on more than 1000 vessels worldwide.

Key e-Data features include:

  • Software available in a choice of languages for easy use by international crews
  • Admiralty paper chart and publication updates
  • Local paper chart updates for Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China NGO, China MSA, Canada, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, USA and Vietnam
  • AVCS, Primar ENC and Admiralty digital publication updates
  • Simple user interface

Using eData, crews can preview and print all index specific NMs, Tracings and Blocks for a selected week or year for all unapplied corrections at the click of a button. 
To help with Port State Inspections and compliance on the bridge, eData also includes a comprehensive correction log and auditing system – vessel specific correction summaries are produced at the touch of a button.

A simple Chart Planner enables route files to be exported to and loaded from major ECDIS manufacturers and third-party applications. Crews can also view their chart and publication holdings geographically to make it easy to identify missing products and select and order charts and publications for the upcoming passage.

e-Data arranges charts and updates onboard in a simple folio system to help streamline the chart and publication updating process. Different country’s updates are divided using tab bookmarks with all NtMs, Tracings and Blocks conveniently stored by chart number making it easy to find the information you need.

eData uses state of the art compression tools to deliver data in the smallest file size possible helping vessels to save on communications costs.

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