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May 2, 2017

Voyager News

GNS unveils new options for Pay as You Sail (PAYS)

PAYS offers flexibility and convenience, combined with accurate fixed pricing. GNS PAYS offers access to ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service (AVCS) the world’s leading ENC service for ECDIS with the widest coverage available. GNS can provide a flexible PAYS service with the benefits of fixed price bundles.

LONDON, UK —  Global Navigation Solutions (‘GNS’), the maritime services group, today introduced a new breakthrough PAYS service.  VoyagerTM Open Permit delivers unrestricted access to AVCS coupled with Voyager software for user-friendly route planning and navigation management.  GNS’s data analytics provides cost-certainty of a fixed annual price to make navigating with ENCs simpler and easier to manage than ever before.

Building on Pay as You Sail licensing, the new VoyagerTM Open Permit service features an entirely new way to buy ENCs.  Users get unrestricted access to the entire AVCS portfolio and can choose to pay one fixed annual fee regardless of how many ENCs they open, view or sail through.  Annual fees are calculated using GNS’s unique pricing algorithms that use vessel tracking data and other factors to generate accurate prices tailored to each vessel in a fleet.  The result is a very simple and cost-effective way to buy, manage and use ENCs.

“We are excited to deliver another industry first by making the buying and management of ENCs even simpler and more cost effective” said Paul Stanley, GNS’s CEO. “VoyagerTM Open Permit puts open access to global ENCs within reach of all mariners worldwide and at the same time, provides ship managers with the ENC cost certainty and visibility of vessel movements they need to confidently manage vessel operations.  All of this is possible without any hardware installation requirements or set-up costs.”

Key features of VoyagerTM Open Permit include:

Cost certainty: GNS uses its unique tracking-based algorithms to give shipping companies accurate fixed annual prices.  Vessels have “always-on” access to global ENCs and ship managers are 100% certain of how much they are spending on a daily, monthly and annual basis.

No risk of over ordering: With VoyagerTM Open Permit vessels can open, view and plan routes using as many ENCs as they like without incurring additional charges.

Global coverage: Importantly, VoyagerTM Open Permit users get access to PAYS coverage as well ENCs which are not currently included within PAYS – all at one fixed annual price.

Vessel tracking: A free online tracking service lets ship managers monitor vessel progress and view ENC usage in real time from anywhere in the world via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

No installation costs: Unlike many other Pay as You Sail services there are no extra hardware requirements or set-up costs.  All you need to get started are Sat C details and an ECDIS.  GNS activates the service in as little as 24 hours completely remotely from the vessel.

VoyagerTM Open Permit includes free access to GNS’s market-leading route planning and navigation management VoyagerTM software.  With VoyagerTM software, users are guided through route planning, ENC management and updating.  When updates relevant to the vessels holdings are available, users are alerted via the VoyagerTM home screen, making it easier to keep on top of navigational compliance.  VoyagerTM even lets users tailor the updates they receive to specific routes or trading areas to keep download costs to a minimum.  Vessels that use this service are 44.2% less likely to get navigation-related observations or be detained (based on results from Jan to Dec 2016).  Less manual data entry, less cutting and pasting, and full compatibility with every major ECDIS also means greater productivity – VoyagerTM users spend more than 20 fewer hours per week on navigation tasks.

Voyager Open PermitTM has been designed to be highly intuitive and easy to use. Crews need much less support from traditional help desk services and most can self-sufficient very quickly. As with all GNS products and services, Voyager Open PermitTM comes with the added convenience and security of 24/7 support from GNS’s global service and support team of mariners and navigation experts.

VoyagerTM Open Permit has been priced to make it accessible to all shipping companies looking to simplify their ENC purchasing and management, whilst complying with IMO ECDIS carriage requirements.

GNS is also offering VoyagerTM Open Permit on a standard Pay as you Sail tariff with an annual service fee and retrospective monthly billing based on chart usage.



For more information, please contact:

Hayley van Leeuwen

Global Navigation Solutions

Tel:  +44 (0) 7775 763365

Email: hayley.vanleeuwen@gnsworldwide.com


Notes for editors

GNS was formed in November 2012 to provide an extensive range of maritime solutions and services to shipping companies worldwide by bringing together the best global distributors of maritime navigation solutions under one global GNS brand. The company uses unique data insight and analytics capabilities and collaborates with specialist service providers to design and produce intelligent user-friendly solutions which streamline and simplify the art of navigation, enhance safety and compliance and protect shipping companies from cyber threats.  GNS is also a reseller of best-in-class maritime navigation brands, including ADMIRALTY Maritime Products & Services, PRIMAR charts and publications, the Witherby’s Seamanship Library of technical publications and Meteo Group weather solutions. More than 50% of the GNS global team is a qualified mariner or navigation expert. It provides unrivalled service and technical support on a 24/7/365 basis from customer services centres located in Singapore and Piraeus, Greece.. The Company is owned jointly by its staff and Phoenix Equity Partners.



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