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December 11, 2017

Voyager News

Important information for users of Admiralty Digital Publications

  • ADP V18 to be launched December 2017
  • UKHO stops ADP V16 support
  • ADP V15 updates withdrawn
  • Supported version of ADP (V17 and V18) are incompatible with Windows Vista and XP
  • Summary of upgrade options for ADP customers

 ADP V18

UKHO is releasing a new ADP V18 in December 2017. New features in ADP V18 are as follows:

Weekly updates to TotalTide to enable the UKHO to promulgate updates to tidal data more promptly.

A new certificate will show the TotalTide update status in the same format as ADLL and ADRS.

  • User analytics function which enables the UKHO to  capture information about user interactions with the software, which will be used to inform future development decisions.

To get access to both these updates and the new certificate, vessels will need to upgrade to the new ADP V18 software. ADP V18 is not compatible with Windows XP or Vista operating systems.

Existing ADP V17 users

We recommend that users of ADP 17 upgrade to ADP V18 to take advantage of the new functionality and have the latest Total Tide data loaded.

Existing ADP V16 users

Vessels using ADP V16 software will still be able to update and apply ADRS and ADLL updates.The ADP V18 Total Tide data can’t be loaded in ADP V16 or V17.

It is important for V2016 users to note that UKHO will withdraw support for this version from January 2018. If you are using ADP V16 (and all earlier unsupported versions) and intend to continue to do so in this way, we strongly advise that you check with your Flag State to ensure that unsupported versions meet the carriage requirements.

Existing ADP V15 users

From December 2017 UKHO will be withdrawing V15 updates so it will no longer be possible to update ADP v15. Users of V15 must now upgrade to a newer version of the software.

ADP V18 and V17 both require Windows 7 or newer. Users of XP and Vista operating systems can upgrade to the V16 software to avoid having to upgrade their operating system. Please read the guidance for Existing ADP V16 software users above.

For users of V15, the V17 disk will also include an installer to enable upgrade to V16. The software will detect XP and Vista operating systems and will provide users with a readme file, which contains instructions on how to install.

How to find out which version of ADP you are using

To find out which version of ADP is currently being used onboard, please double click on one of the ADP product icons on your desktop, launch the application, then click on the “Help” button.  A dialogue box will open and the version number will be displayed in the top left hand corner.

What action is required?

If you are using ADP V17 simply upgrade to V18 when you receive the disk.

For those vessels that are using computers with Windows Vista or XP and have ADP V15 and V16 installed for meeting the carriage requirements for Nautical Publications in digital format, there are the following options:

  1. Upgrade your PC to Windows 7 operating system or newer and install ADP V18 software
  2. Continue with or upgrade to V16 and install the latest TotalTide data 2018 tidal data from the ADP V17 disk. If you are considering this option we strongly recommend you check with your Flag State to ensure that they will accept an unsupported version as meeting the carriage requirements. Note this will not give you access to new ADP V18 TotalTide features.
  3. Alternatively, in extremis, customers may consider reverting to paper tide tables
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