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This section provides resources to help Voyager Worldwide partners to better support their customers with Voyager Worldwide products and services.

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Azimuth Radio Technologies is a marine technical support services provider specializing and dedicated to installing, servicing, certifying, maintaining, inspecting and sale of marine electronics, communication, navigational aids, cybersecurity, and complete ship to shore IT architecture and solutions.  The Company maintains strong core values that are extended to its worldwide reputable service network to ensure its efficiency and quality with a positive commercial culture targeting the reduction of risk, increasing profitiablity and having a dynamic response to its clients.

A wheelhouse favorite for generations Baker, Lyman & Co., Inc, is the oldest NOAA & Admiralty Chart Agent in the United States. New Orleans based Baker Lyman has been provisioning vessels with nautical charts, publications, safety/educational materials, and various navigational gear & instruments since 1920. The Baker Lyman ISM compliant Folio Management Service ensures your charts & pubs meet the most recent updates. We are the largest global distributor of Rose Point Electronic Charting System (ECS) for parties seeking commercial & recreational ECDIS solutions.

Chart and Map Shop in Freemantle supplies nautical charts, maps and books to travellers both commercial and for pleasure. They are our partner in Western Australia and work with us to support GNS customers calling at ports in the region. Using their chart printing facilities and extensive stock holdings to supply charts and publications as required – especially when they are needed urgently.

Our partner in Nigeria, Chronicles Energy Services Ltd, is Nigeria’s leading International Admiralty Chart Agents. Chronicles specialises in the supply of navigational charts and publications and associated services to the shipping industry all around the West African sub region down to Angola and can also dispatch to any part of the African Continent.

E-Data LLC (St. Petersburg) is an authorized distributor of maritime navigational charts in Russia, the official sub-distributor of Global Navigation Solutions for charts and publications of the British Admiralty.

We offer a full range of navigational products in stock and made to order. E-Data LLC supplies electronic navigational charts and other electronic products of the British Admiralty (ENC AVCS, ADP, e-NP), PRIMAR electronic charts, Witherby’s electronic guides, IMO, ITU.

E-Data LLC is a major distributor of Russian Charts. We offer electronic and paper navigational charts, publications and navigational aids of the UNIO MO RF (Russian Hydrographic Office).

ElectroRadioNavigationChamber is our partner in Russia covering ports of the Azov-Black Sea Basin. ERNC has been supplying vessels in Russia for more than 50 years and is the official distributor of Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography MD of Russian Federation (ГУНиОМО).

Juros is our GNS partner in Lithuania. Since 1999 the company has supplied charts and navigational publications and other services from its base in Klaipeda to vessels calling at Baltic ports.

Maress is our GNS partner in Chile. We work with Maress to supply short notice charts and publications to ports across Chile including Arica, Iquique, Patillo, Patache, Tocopilla, Mejillones, Antofagasta, Coloso, Huasco, Caldera, Chañaral, Los Vilos, Coquimbo, Quintero, Ventanas, Valparaiso, San Antonio, Talcahuano, Coronel, San Vicente, Corral, Puerto Montt, Calbuco, Punta Arenas.

Neptune is our GNS partner in Malta. The team at Neptune are on hand to supply charts and publications to vessels calling in Malta as part of the GNS Global Network.

SMCP is our official sub-distributor in Brazil. SMCP has a large stock located in Paranaguá and is able to supply British Admiralty charts in paper and in digital format as well as publications such as IMO, ITU and others to all Brazilian ports.