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User guide

Download your step by step guides, to help you get set up with our Voyager platforms.

Voyager Fleet Insight Quick Start Guide

This guide helps you to get started with our Voyager Fleet Insight service. Find out more about the service can help you manage your fleet here.

Voyager Planning Station Installation Guide

This guide explains how to install and set up Voyager on board vessels.

Voyager Planning Station ‘How to’ User Guide

This step by step guide explains how to use Voyager Planning Station to help with everyday (and not so everyday) bridge task.

Harnessing the power of big data in navigation White Paper

How big data can help save money on navigation and enhance compliance at the same time.

VFI Global Fleet User Guide

This guide provides users with step by step instructions on how to get started with VFI GLOBAL FLEET.

Admiralty ECDIS Buyers Guide

This guide is one in a series of initiatives taken by UKHO to provide the global shipping industry with clear, unambiguous guidance on making the transition from traditional to digital navigation.

TGT eData User Guide

A short guide to getting started with eData.