Eliminate hours of administration, cut paperwork and improve day to day operations onboard

Our Voyager navigation solutions offers new levels of automation and simplicity on the bridge to keep your seafarers happy, save you time and improve vessels safety and compliance.

Improve productivity

Automatically generate routes

An integrated port to port function makes route planning simpler and more efficient.


Faster, easier passage plan documentation to meet PSC and vetting requirements

Use digital technology to automatically log the ENC cells, ADP, AENP, T&P, NavArea Warnings, UKC calculations and Marpol information for each waypoint.

Safe and compliant

Always have the latest information onboard

ENC, publication updates and NtMs are automatically downloaded every week to prevent compliance issues.

Enhance safety and streamline ECDIS validation

Digital safety checks automatically compare the navigational data between waypoints with the vessel’s draught, height and other specifications.

Emergency back up to ECDIS

Turn the onboard PC into an extra back up to ECDIS by displaying the live vessel GPS position in Voyager’s ENC viewer.

Improve decision making

Route plan more accurately

Tailor your view by switching eNavigation layers on or off to refine route decisions.

Lower costs

Automatically identify exactly the navigational products for a route

View Voyager’s product recommendations on the map or in a list, add or remove items and order those required to make navigational compliance simpler and easier and buy more efficiently.

Use the same user-friendly software to manage all navigation management tasks.

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