October 23, 2018

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GNS and SIRM announce strategic partnership to deliver expanded range of cost-effective cloud-based services for ship managers

Agreement will leverage GNS’s unique data and software capabilities and SIRM’s cloud computing and ship-shore communications expertise.

LONDON and NAPLES — GNS, a leading maritime technology company, and SIRM, a major supplier of navigation and telecommunications equipment and services, have announced a new strategic partnership. The new partnership will combine GNS’s expertise in data intelligence, back of bridge software and navigation with SIRM’s cloud-based services and telecommunications capability to deliver a new generation of ship-shore technology solutions and enhance office-based situational awareness.

The first focus area of the new partnership is the integration of SIRM’s FleetOnCloud®and GNS’s Voyager FLEET INSIGHT solutions to enable owners and managers to track vessel movements, monitor performance and support incident management from shore.

Voyager FLEET INSIGHT platform is GNS’s easy to deploy, easy to use web-based data analytics software solution that monitors vessel movements, identifies unnecessary navigation spending, makes navigation compliance simpler and helps keep track of compliance KPIs. FleetOnCloud® is a flexible, secure and scalable way to connect ship company logistics, engineering and navigation departments directly with the data and information produced by the fleet.

FleetOnCloud®works by capturing data from around the ship including real time video of ECDIS and radar and key data captured from onboard sensors to meet noon report, EU-MRV and other reporting requirements. Combining Voyager FLEET INSIGHT with SIRM’s FleetOnCloud® solution, will provide shipping companies worldwide with unprecedented levels of understanding and awareness of day-to-day operations and vessel performance. Two modules offer significant operational and commercial benefits to ship managers and owners:

  • FleetOnCloud’s® DataInsight module provides the opportunity to achieve new levels of automation that will reduce reliance on error-prone manual processes and make reporting and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) more efficient.
  • FleetOnCloud’s® BridgeView module enables video of bridge systems such as ECDIS and radar to be retrieved at any time and used to view the exact status on the bridge at the time of an incident to support insurance claims, as well as for crew training purposes.

FleetOnCloud® uses dedicated ‘Readybox’ onboard hardware to capture and store data making it faster and easier to access, view and interrogate critical operational information.

The development of FleetOnCloud® has benefited from collaboration with one of the world’s leading shipping companies, which has made a key contribution to both the functionality and the operational validation of services on its fleet of over 400 ships.

“We are on the cusp of a technology revolution in the marine industry. With data volumes increasing and real-time intelligent response a necessity of doing business, companies are becoming more dependent on technology,” says Luca Cesare, CEO, SIRM. “Working with GNS to bring together our communications expertise and GNS’s maritime solutions excellence, we are well-equipped to help companies solve the tough technology challenges, improve operational efficiency and enhance safety.”

“We are very pleased to be working with SIRM on this exciting initiative. By combining GNS’s expertise in maritime solutions, with SIRM’s vision for ship-shore data exchange, we can achieve exciting new digitally-led efficiencies and safety improvements,” said Paul Stanley, Chief Executive of the GNS Group. “Together GNS and SIRM are developing new and exciting innovations ashore and on board that address user challenges and help shipping companies achieve the efficiencies and improvements promised by digital navigation.”

The GNS and SIRM solution uses a cloud-based architecture, which is easily scalable and has high security standards for data protection, enabling data to be retrieved, loaded and displayed faster. Busy shipping company executives will be pleased to know that FleetOnCloud® services can be accessed via an app, optimised for tablets and smartphones, making it easy and practical for mobile use.

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