Displays real time vessel position

Voyager GPS OVERLAY helps improve situational awareness and provides emergency back-up to ECDIS.

Safe and compliant
Be more efficient 
Simplify tasks
Improve productivity 
What are the connection options?

Using the GPS OVERLAY the vessel’s live GPS position is displayed in real time either on the Voyager map or on official AVCS ENCs* to enable the bridge team to monitor vessel position and, if required, to navigate**.

Wired and wireless GPS USBs and Pilot Plugs can be purchased from Voyager Worldwide or users can use their own devices.

*Active AVCS subscription required
**The GPS OVERLAY in Voyager PLANNING STATION does not meet regulatory requirements for a second ECDIS and/ or a get you home paper chart back-up.

Is there a need for GPS feed?

Yes, this application requires a GPS feed to the PC where the GPS OVERLAY application is installed. Users may use their own wired or Bluetooth GPS devices. Alternatively, GPS connections can be purchased from Voyager Worldwide for use within this service.

Mehr als 1.100 Unternehmen wie Ihres vertrauen jeden Tag auf Voyager, wenn es darum geht, die Sicherheit und Einhaltung von Vorschriften an Bord zu verbessern, effizienter zu arbeiten und wertvolle Einblicke in Betriebsabläufe zu gewinnen.

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