August 21, 2018


New Edition Alert – Week 34

Out now – Thomas’ Stowage: The Properties and Stowage of Cargoes 8th Edition, Product Code BROW 051

Thomas’ Stowage continues to be regarded as the definitive reference on the subject. GNS recommends this title to all customers that have a requirement to ensure the safe handling and carriage of cargoes.  This eighth edition of Thomas’ Stowage retains the format of previous editions, thus providing quick reference to procedures and individual commodities: Safety, Techniques and Systems, Commodities, Damage and Claims, Procedures.

Out now – Admiralty NP79 List of Lights and Fog Signals Vol. F

The UKHO has confirmed that a new edition of NP79 Volume F List of Lights and Fog Signals series, covering the North East Indian Ocean, South China & Eastern Archipelagic Seas (North of the Equator) and Western Parts of Philippine, East China & Yellow Seas.

Out now – NP5011 Symbols and Abbreviations Used on Admiralty Charts, 7th Edition 2018

The UKHO has confirmed a new edition of NP5011 is now available for purchase.  This highly useful publication contains all the meanings of chart symbols and abbreviations used on Admiralty and International Charts compiled by the UKHO.  This guide lists all relevant information on hydrography, topography, navigational aids and services plus abbreviations of principal terms shown on all Admiralty English and foreign charts, with general information on the content of Admiralty paper charts.

Out now – INTERTANKO Guide to Terminal Conditions of Use, Product Code WITH628 & WITH 628-EB

Many oil and gas terminals require the Master to sign ‘Conditions of Use’ before being admitted to berth at the terminal.  These COUs are often presented at short notice and contain onerous terms that are balanced against shipowners.  This publication highlights the difficulties this may cause and provides a number of tools designed to produce fair and balanced contractual terms in order to promote a safety culture in port.  This publication is also available as an eBook.

Out now – General Rules for Tankers Owned or Operating in the USA 2018 Edition, Product Code WITH252 & WITH 252-EB

General Rules for Tankers, Owned or Operating in the USA, 2018 Edition, is compiled from over 12,000 pages of regulations directly related to shipping, contained in the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  These are the codification of the general and permanent rules of the U.S. Federal Government, which in their entirety number over 175,000 pages of information. Because of the vast scale of regulations, this edition is compiled with a view to create an instantaneous and accessible resource of the most directly relevant regulations to those requiring them in the tanker industry, both at sea and ashore.  This publication is also available as an eBook.

Voyager Worldwide celebrates World Maritime Day with Mission to Seafarers Voyager Worldwide celebrates World Maritime Day with Mission to Seafarers

From left to right; Our Voyager team – Rudolph Jose Razul, Tulika Prasad, Wen Bin Loy, Rain Pang, Adam Moszczynski and Chenny Lau.   …

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Ist ESG das am häufigsten falsch verstandene Akronym der Schifffahrt? Ist ESG das am häufigsten falsch verstandene Akronym der Schifffahrt?

Das Konzept soll die Geschäftslandschaft verändern und zu einer treibenden Kraft für Investitionsentscheidungen werden. Seine Auswirkungen wer…

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