August 7, 2018


Update to ADMIRALTY Information Overlay (AIO) coming soon

AIO has been modernised following introduction of S-52 Presentation Library 4.0

New symbols in the Presentation Library 4.0 on ECDIS allow Hydrographic Offices to highlight temporary information in their ENCs that were previously obscured. This has been introduced via software upgrades of ECDIS to IEC 61174 requirements.

As a result, AIO will be updated with a new version that will be released in WK35/18 (30 August). To avoid duplication, the new version will not show T&P NMs where the producer nation has stated that they include them in their ENCs. The status list of T&P NMs in ENCs for each country will continue to be available in the INFO folder of AVCS discs, on the Support tab at: admiralty.co.uk/avcs, and within this article below.

The updated AIO will also not include ADMIRALTY T&P NMs that are only relevant to the paper chart user, which includes Port Approach Guides.

EPNMs, which highlight navigational significant differences between ENCs and ADMIRALTY paper charts, remain unchanged.

You can download a new AIO V2 – User Guide, AIO V2 – FAQs and a AIO V2 – UKHO letter for inspectors for compliance inspectors by clicking on each respective link. These documents will soon be available via admiralty.co.uk and the INFO folder of the AIO disc.

To further draw attention of mariners to the change, a notice will shortly appear on the AIO disc envelope and in the Weekly Notices to Mariners Bulletin. This change will not require a new edition of AIO to be released at this point. The changes will take place as part of the usual weekly update.

Feedback about the change should be initially provided via your Current AVCS distributor.

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