More secure, efficient Cash-to-Master. Lower costs for your business.

Voyager Worldwide has teamed up with Caxton, one of Europe’s largest payment card and foreign exchange specialist, to provide Voyager Money, a more secure, efficient and cost effective way to manage Cash-to-Master.

Lower costs
Improve control
Easy to use
Safe and compliant
Where will my cash be held?

Caxton FX holds all “Client Money” to the standard policy set out in the Financial Conduct Authority’s Client Money rules. This means Caxton FX segregate “Client Money” from the company’s money and holds it separately in an EEA-regulated credit institution. The credit institution has specifically acknowledged that the money in these accounts belong to Caxton FX clients and they have no right of set-off with any of the firm’s balances. This arrangement is designed to ensure that “Client Money” is not at risk in the unlikely event of Caxton FX getting into financial difficulties. These arrangements are checked and verified by Caxton FX’s independent auditors. and enter your usual VFI login details.

Is there a minimum deposit required?

No. One of the major benefits of using Voyager Money is that funds can be provided on a ‘just in time’ basis. Transferring funds as vessels needs them, keeps your cash in the bank for longer, giving you and your crew a safe, convenient and more cost-effective tool on-board. Protecting you against theft and fraud.

Can Voyager Money be used at all ATMs worldwide, including countries such as China and Nigeria?

Voyager Money MasterCard can is accepted in 36 million merchants worldwide. There is a small instance where Voyager Money Mastercard will have restrictions; i.e. ports with no ATMs, retail outlets that do not accept MasterCard and places with no internet access. In this instance, there is still a requirement for a small amount of cash to be held on-board the vessel. Voyager Money still saves on ship agent, bank fees and benefits companies from preferential foreign exchange rates.
In regard to China and Nigeria, Mastercard has ATM usage agreements in place with both China Construction bank and ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) within mainland China. ICBC is the largest domestic bank with over 170,000 branches (all with ATM’s). Similarly, in Nigeria Mastercard holds partnerships with all major banks including First Bank, Zenith Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Access Bank, United Bank of Africa, and Ecobank which means virtually all ATM machines in the country will accept Mastercard.

Mehr als 1.100 Unternehmen wie Ihres vertrauen jeden Tag auf Voyager, wenn es darum geht, die Sicherheit und Einhaltung von Vorschriften an Bord zu verbessern, effizienter zu arbeiten und wertvolle Einblicke in Betriebsabläufe zu gewinnen.

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