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Voyager Onboarding Procedures

Step by step guidance on how to work with our Customer Service team to onboard your customers to Voyager Planning Station and Voyager Fleet Insight.

Voyager Planning Station Quick Start Guide

This guide takes users through the initial set up and configuration of Voyager Planning Station software onboard vessels. It includes a short troubleshooting section for the most common set up issues.

Voyager Planning Station User Guide

Step by step instructions for how to use Voyager Planning Station to complete every day navigation tasks.

Voyager Pay As You Sail User Guide

This guide provides information to users of the Voyager PAYS service.

Voyager FLEET INSIGHT Quick Start Guide

This guide provides a basic overview of Voyager Fleet Insight.. More detailed help is provided within the Voyager Fleet Insight service.

Guide to Witherby eBooks

This user guide is a Voyager branded guide to Witherby and IMO eBook services.

White Paper: Data for Ship Management

A White Paper explaining how the Voyager data-led approach benefits shipping companies and enhances Navigation.

Procedures: Cyber Security

A document explaining how Voyager supports Cyber Security Procedures in shipping companies - in particular IMO Resolution (MSC.428(98)).

White Paper: 4 Blind Spots of Navigation

White Paper detailing how data can be used to address common navigation purchasing issues.

Glossary of terms

A summary of key industry terms and abbreviations.

Admirality products & services

This is an old GNS branded guide to Admiralty products and services designed for new partners that are unfamiliar with Admiralty products and services.

Admiralty print on demand FAQs

This GNS branded guide from 2016 provides a useful reference to Admiralty Print on Demand.