Join us at SMM on stand 206 in hall B6 to see how GNS is making it incredibly easy to save time and reduce costs with simple to implement navigation solutions that are completely tailored to a fleet.

Get a fixed annual price for all the ENCs you need

GNS is delighted to make the process of purchasing ENC incredibly simple by offering a single price for your entire annual ENC use. Our clever algorithms accurately calculate your price so you only ever pay for what you need, enjoy total budget certainty and reduce ENC admin by up to 95%. Pick up your tailored quote at the show. Just answer 3 easy questions here and we’ll crunch your numbers.

See why Voyager is our best software yet

Less manual data entry, less cutting and pasting and full compatibility with every major ECDIS means greater productivity and fewer human errors. Voyager users spend as much as 20 hours a week less time on navigation related tasks and are 44.2% less likely to receive navigation related observations or be detained, helping to create a more efficient, safer bridge environment. But don’t take our word for it, get a demo at the show and arrange your free 3-month trial.

Get a fixed price for unlimited VSAT

The data shipping companies are sharing between ship and shore is increasing rapidly. Experts predict a 25% increase in the next 12 months.

GNS has teamed up with leading VSAT provider, Orange, to offer a range of VSAT packages to suit every budget. All packages include unlimited data at a fixed annual price, cyber protection, guaranteed service levels and a choice of connection speed.  Just click here to get a quote and see how much you could save.

Book a meeting

If your time at the show is limited contact us to tell us what time you’d like to meet and what you’d like to discuss.