Simpler, more cost-effective Pay as you Sail ENCs

Easy to Manage

Get seamless access to all necessary charts, ensuring a simple and safe navigation experience with ENCs.

Simple and efficient

No orders to approve, no individual ENCs to manage. Just open access to a global ENC library and one monthly invoice

Very cost-effective

Low cost, highly accurate tracking and clever algorithms keep ENC costs low.

Open access to ENCs and to only pay when the vessel's keel crosses into the chart to minimise admin, simplify ENC purchasing and help avoid compliance issues.

Get started with Voyager Pay as you Sail
How do I activate PAYS (GPS)?

We will ask you to fill out a simple form to ensure a smooth onboarding process. We’ll send the vessel the necessary device (if required) that will connect the Voyager PC to your position feed and once we start to get the tracking data back, we will send the vessel the PAYS permit that unlocks the near world ENCs. 

How much is Voyager PAYS?

It’s included in VPS Essentials or VPS Professional (including all VNaaS, Fixed Price Bundle customers).  

How does Voyager Worldwide track vessel positions?

We offer two tracking options as follows:  

1. GPS based tracking (recommended): This option accesses the vessel’s GPS data for vessel tracking. 

2. Inmarsat SAT C tracking: This service is completely remote from the vessel and does not require any hardware on board to set up. Vessel tracking is enabled via SAT C that incurs an annual fee. 

* Requires GPS tracking device sold separately 

How does this service work?

Voyager PAYS solution provides a nearly worldwide permit upon activate of this service and uses the vessels GPS data feed to track the vessels voyage and bill customers for only the ENC used.  

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