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September 21, 2022

Voyager News, Press Releases

Voyager Worldwide opens first Voyager Living Lab in Singapore

New collaboration and innovation initiative will focus on port-to-port voyage optimization and just in time port arrivals in support of IMO’s carbon reduction goals.

Voyager Worldwide opens first Voyager Living Lab in Singapore

Voyager Worldwide today opened the first Voyager Living Lab facility in Singapore. The Voyager Living Lab is a collaboration initiative dedicated to encouraging, enabling and supporting user-driven maritime innovation with a particular focus on improving port-to-port voyage efficiency and contributing to decarbonization.

Speaking at a special launch event in Singapore, Kent Lee, CEO of Voyager Worldwide said “In order to achieve the benefits of digitalisation, the maritime industry needs to be more interconnected to enable the sharing of information between the different stakeholders and deliver enhanced operational efficiency, cost-savings and carbon emissions reductions. We believe that only by working collaboratively with different stakeholders across the industry will we be able to unlock the full potential of digitalisation and create optimal value to organisations.”

Working with MPA, SSA and the Pier 71 Accelerator Programme in Singapore, the Living Lab will also be an incubator environment for maritime start-ups that will work alongside more established maritime organisations to develop innovative solutions to wider maritime challenges.

The Voyager Living Lab will also work with maritime-related education institutions to play a role in the development of the talent needed to drive maritime innovation by providing internship opportunities, supporting post-graduate programmes and projects, and creating opportunities for collaboration on maritime-related academic and research initiatives.

The Voyager Living lab provides 2240 square feet of physical space with a unique mix of facilities and equipment to test ideas, prototypes, concepts and new products in real life context. It also provides a venue for innovation and maritime technology related events and meetings. Facilities within the Living Lab includes:

  • Access to cloud-based IT infrastructure and data resources
  • Support from technology partners and data services providers of the Living Lab
  • Support from Voyager Worldwide local R&D and Product Teams
  • Wide range of meeting room facilities, depending on capacity requirements
  • Unlimited coffee and snacks

Importantly, the Voyager Living Lab is a 24/7 free-to-access community space where developers, users, partners, and other co-workers can come together to brainstorm, define, and develop solutions. Anyone that is interested in using the space should visit www.voyagerww.com to find out more.

Like-minded organisations from across the maritime sector, both public and private sector actors are invited to join the community, use the space and be part of the Voyager Living Lab Collaborate Programme, to work with us to build a world where optimized voyage solutions help achieve just in time port calls and contribute to decarbonization.

For more information please contact:

Avonda Lim   or  Kenichiro Oota

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